Summer 2015 Course at NYU

Francis Bacon,  Three Studies for a Self-Portrait , 1980

Francis Bacon, Three Studies for a Self-Portrait, 1980

"The self-portrait invited the viewer to meet the gaze of its creator, making it the most compelling of all artistic genres," writes James Hall in his seminal work, The Self-Portrait: A Cultural History. In three classroom lectures and one museum visit, explore the genre of self-portraiture through an examination of four fascinating artists: Vincent van Gogh, Frida Kahlo, Francis Bacon and Chuck Close. How does self-portraiture define out understanding of these artists' oeuvres? What are the stylistic, psychological, biographical, and cultural components? How honest are these depictions of "self"? What i the role of ego? In this course, analyze works and writings of these artists and explore these questions.

Course runs July 8 - July 29

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